Asphalt Repair in St. Louis Missouri

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Asphalt Repair in St. Louis Missouri Asphalt Repair in St. Louis Missouri

Pothole Repair in St. Louis, Missouri

PLM Industries is the number one choice for Pothole Repair in St. Louis, Missouri as well as nearby locations in the metro area on both sides of the river. Our team of professionals will guarantee that any pothole repair work will be completed in a timely fashion to your utmost satisfaction. We place great importance on customer communication in order to ensure that your project is done the right way at a reasonable cost.

PLM has been providing parking lot maintenance repair services for over 30 years, meaning that we have a vast amount of experience when offering the best solution for your needs. Our innovative repair techniques involve usage of the latest technology and are proven to be effective and long-lasting.

Once repair work has been completed, PLM will survey all completed repairs to make sure that they meet our high standard. We offer repair services to industrial and commercial customers throughout the St. Louis, Missouri area and can tackle projects ranging from parking lots to driveways of all sizes. We will be more than happy to meet with you at the location of your job site or business in order to properly estimate the damage to your asphalt. PLM can also provide other services to you should you require additional work. Our portfolio of clients include some of the largest retailers in the St. Louis Metro Area.

PLM offers free property assessments to address liability issues, improve drainage, and lengthen pavement life. If your property or business is located in the area and is in need of our pothole repair services, please don't hesitate to Contact Us today for a free estimate!

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